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Who better to read The Art Of War aloud to you than Game Of Thrones’ Littlefinger?

Game Of Thrones

When he’s not plotting and sneaking his way up the Game Of Thrones ladder of power as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Aiden Gillen is a working actor. He’s appeared in roles running the gamut from the lead in the original Queer As Folk to starring in Sigur Rós’ short film Ekki Múkk. But, like his character, maybe screen acting is just a stepping stone to something far greater: audio book narration.

As the voice for a new recording of The Art Of War, written by the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, Gillen cashes in on his GoT character’s gift of conniving and menace. Similarly, fans of The Wire who remember him as Tommy Carcetti have long viewed Gillan as the archetype of someone who will do anything for power.


In the comment section on Audible.com, reviews for Gillen are strong, with Angelina R pleading that “Aidan Gillen needs to narrate more books,” even suggesting The Prince be next. Check out a clip below.

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