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Whitney Cummings' talk show has been canceled, suggesting America's theoretical love affair with her may be ending

America’s hypothetical love affair with Whitney Cummings seems to be slowly going the way of all love affairs, as characterized in the comedic observations of Whitney Cummings: devolving into a barely sublimated rage that ends in a nasty break-up with her E! talk show, and then America farts and goes back to watching sports, which is just like America. Cummings’ Love You, Mean It has seen the sassy, passive-aggressive insincerity of its title thrown right back in its face by E!, who confirms that last week’s episode of the show was your final opportunity to hear Cummings’ take on the latest cultural happenings in her unique comedic voice: a sharp, needling half-shout. Nevertheless, while the continued ratings slump of NBC’s Whitney suggests it’s similarly destined for cancelation, Cummings is still doing just fine with 2 Broke Girls, meaning—like all relationships as seen by the hilariously blunt and uncompromising Whitney Cummings—America’s relationship with her will just go on, marked by continued bitterness and resentment.


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