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Although the future of Whitney remains up to whether NBC can find it in their hearts to be encouraging and patient, or choose the petty, vindictive path of canceling a show on its own merits, Whitney Cummings will still have a home on television—or at least its basic-cable equivalent. That's because Cummings has signed on to host her own E! talk show called Love You, Mean It With Whitney Cummings, a title that reflects its relative level of sassiness. It is, indeed, very sassy, because the ironic addition of Mean It suggests some insincerity in the Love You, because Whitney is a brash, unsentimental woman who will just come right out and say "vagina" if she so chooses.

And she just might! "I’m really excited to be able to say (almost) whatever I’d like on TV again," Cummings said of her show, which implies both that the mediocrity of Whitney is perhaps due to her being censored by The Man, and that she—and NBC, and all of us—shall soon be freed from the ideological prison that has prevented her from the truth. Love You, Ha Ha Not Really I'm Too Much will air on Wednesday nights after The Soup, where it will be executive produced by Cummings' mentor, Chelsea Handler (who seems to be willingly engineering her own redundancy). And between it, 2 Broke Girls, and Whitney, you shall never want again for Whitney Cummings' comedic viewpoint on stuff, provided you ever wanted in the first place.


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