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White Collar has been canceled

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Continuing its effort to rid the TV world of hideous old people like James Roday and Jeffrey Donovan in favor of hip, new youngsters, USA looks to be ending White Collar after its upcoming sixth season. The news comes from Deadline, which points out that the drama will be joining loads of other USA original shows—including Burn Notice and Psych—that ended their runs in recent years, but were still granted final seasons so they could definitively wrap up any lingering storylines. That’s the good news for White Collar fans, since its most recent season ended with Matt Bomer’s roguish conman-turned-FBI-consultant Neal Caffrey getting kidnapped, which would be a pretty grim way to end a flashy, fun series like this. The not-so-good news is that the final season will apparently be only six episodes long, meaning this kidnapping mystery is going to have to get solved fairly briskly.


Although White Collar’s ratings dipped a bit during its most recent season, Deadline says the cancellation decision probably comes down to how much it costs to produce the series, citing “a well-known cast and extensive location shoots in New York.” Evidently, it takes a lot of money to keep Matt Bomer looking so handsome.