As the excellently-reviewed drumming drama Whiplash heads into February 22’s Academy Awards with five nominations, including nods for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, the sketch comedy scientists at Above Average ask the inevitable question: “Yeah, but wouldn’t it be better, or at least funnier, with steel drums instead?” The result is Steel Whiplash, a handsomely-shot faux trailer which follows all the major story beats of the Damien Chazelle-directed original, except the plot now centers around the kind of music “that’s played by hotel pools at resorts in the Caribbean.” Playing the J.K. Simmons role—and taking it in a considerably more relaxed, less rigorous direction—is Cool Runnings veteran Doug E. Doug. Sporting some formidable dreadlocks and seemingly able to produce joints out of thin air, Doug is a calypso-besotted instructor at “the only steel band music school in the country.” Unlike Simmons’ sadistic taskmaster, Doug is prone to mid-rehearsal pronouncements such as, “Take five… or six hours hours to chill.” Eager to make good is an earnest young white dude (Will Stephen), who struggles not only to keep up with Doug’s easygoing direction but to explain his passion for calypso to his utterly unimpressed girlfriend (Laura Wilcox), who thinks that “all your songs sound like dinky little tinkles.”