When he isn’t busy playing in NOFX or Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, running the Fat Wreck Chords label, sharing sad songs of abuse as Cokie The Clown, or orchestrating pranks that may or may not involve audience members drinking his piss, Fat Mike Burkett likes to kick back in his Vegas Punk House—or rather, he likes to rent out his Las Vegas-based clubhouse “for adults that live like teenagers” for money. Burkett has thrown open the doors on the rescued foreclosure, a three-bedroom property (though with six bunk beds in one room, technically it sleeps 10) and invited anyone who happens to be visiting The Strip to book it while they’re there—as the below news report suggests, in case they’re visiting Vegas yet are concerned about maintaining their “punk cred,” because that is something that people who visit Las Vegas worry about.

Anyway, the house comes with some pretty un-punk amenities like a nine-hole putting green, a sunken living room, and a Tiki hut, but there’s also some other stuff that is appropriately punk, such as thousands of vintage flyers, a ton of records, and a skull-painted beer vending machine. [Obligatory "don't drink the tequila" joke.] Also, a water slide which, in terms of punkness, could go either way. If you’re looking to book, better hurry, as it seems like most of this summer’s slots have already been taken. And if you were wondering if you could maybe have your wedding there, apparently it’s cool, but “no, Fat Mike won’t marry you.” If you were wondering.