Two bits of remake news floating around the various entertainment-reporting sites today:

1. At the Television Critics Association tour, CBS entertainment president Nina "D-girl" Tassler announced that the network would be replacing the canceled soap Guiding Light with an all-new Let's Make A Deal, hosted by Wayne Brady. (Insert obligatory "choke a bitch" jokes here.)


2. Director Steven Spielberg announced plans to helm a remake of the old Jimmy Stewart vehicle Harvey, set to go into production early next year. Spielberg's name has been attached to a number of projects over the past year, including an Oldboy remake, a motion-capture-animated Tintin feature, a new series of films featuring superspy Matt Helm, the realistic space adventure Interstellar, and an Abraham Lincoln biopic. Some of these are still in development; some Spielberg may only be producing; and some are stalled because of costs. Whatever the reason for Spielberg's decision to shift gears and redo a beloved Hollywood classic (something he's not had much success with in the past), it can't help but feel like something of a letdown, compared with what he could be doing.