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Which lucky teenager gets to turn into Danny Glover in the Jumanji sequel?

Photo: Jenny Anderson (Getty Images)

One of the many factors that made Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle such a surprise hit in late 2017 was the hookiness of its wish-fulfillment premise, which saw a bunch of gawky teens skip the puberty lines to find themselves in the bodies of certified ass-kickers like Dwayne Johnson or Karen Gillen. (Or, you know, Jack Black. Jack Black’s still pretty good.) Now, it’s become clear that the movie’s sequel—still being directed by the previous movie’s Jake Kasdan—will double down on that premise, allowing one lucky teenager to live out the dream of millions of kids everywhere: Turning into Danny Glover, if only for a day.

To be fair, we don’t know for a certainty that it’ll be a teenager reveling in the awe-inspiring power of being too old for any and all particular shits. It could be a little kid, too, or even an adult, stepping into Glover’s digital shoes in the wake of him signing on for the sequel today. It’s also possible—we feel obligated to note—that Glover himself might be playing someone in the real world, who is then turned into someone else, but really, the idea of giving up being Danny Glover is too nutso for our brains to even comprehend.


Glover joins the returning cast of the first film, plus newcomers Awkwafina and Danny DeVito, a double-pack of Danny delights that boggles the mind even as it tantalizes the senses. Glover’s recent credits include Sorry To Bother You and The Old Man & The Gun. We’re not sure what his powers within the Jumanji video game world might be, but we do have several pages of Lethal Weapon/Royal Tenenbaums fan-fiction to glean from if Kasdan and his screenwriters want to take some notes.

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