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Whether they liked it or not, a ton of people watched that Ghostbusters trailer


A few days ago, the first trailer for Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot hit the internet with a thunderous crash, inspiring hot takes from both sides of the proverbial aisle. Some people loved it. Some people hated it. Some people were even a little meh, which should really be against the rules in today’s absolutist internet society. However you felt about the trailer, though, you did watch it at least—and so did a ton of other people. According to Variety, the trailer pulled in more than 24 million views in its first 24 hours across both YouTube and Facebook, doubling the total racked up by the similarly nostalgia-powered Independence Day: Resurgence.

Now, 24 million is certainly a lot of views, but Ghostbusters still fell a little short of the records set by some recent superhero movies. Captain America: Civil War’s trailer got 26 million, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice got 30 million, and one of the Suicide Squad trailers beat them all with 34 million views. Of course, there’s no connection between how good a movie will be and how many people watched its trailer, but whether you hated it or loved it, it’s hard to deny that it’s a nice change of pace to see a female-led movie like Ghostbusters competing with manly punch-fests like Civil War and Dawn Of Justice. (Or maybe it’s not hard to deny it. Either way, keep arguing about Ghostbusters.)


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