The movie adaptation of the beloved children's book Where The Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze and penned by David Eggers, has become a fainter and fainter dot on the horizon amid rumors of reshoots and terrified children running out of test screenings. Now, it appears Jonze's vision may have sunk the film entirely. The film was originally scheduled for release this October, then pushed back to 2009, and now Warner Bros. has removed it from its schedule entirely.

Warner Bros. denies reports that Jonze has been taken off the film, with studio chief Alan Horn saying, "We'd like to find a common ground that represents Spike's vision but still offers a film that really delivers for a broad-based audience. We obviously still have a challenge on our hands. But I wouldn't call it a problem, simply a challenge. No one wants to turn this into a bland, sanitized studio movie. This is a very special piece of material and we're just trying to get it right."