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Where is Jason Molina?

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Fans of downbeat storytelling and emotionally wrenching songwriting have likely noted the absence of new music from Jason Molina, who’s distinguished himself in this arena over the past two decades with the groups Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. After releasing the fine Josephine in 2009, Molina dropped out of a tour with Will Johnson, and has been M.I.A. pretty much ever since. Last week, a post entitled “Where Is Jason Molina?” appeared online at the Magnolia Electric Co. and Secretly Canadian websites, and it reads like a story told in a really sad and powerfully evocative Jason Molina song. The post reads, in part:

Over the last two years Jason has been in and out of rehab facilities and hospitals in England, Chicago, Indianapolis, and New Orleans. It has been a very trying time for Jason, his friends, and his family. Although no one can be sure what the future holds, we feel very encouraged by the recent steps Jason has taken on the road towards becoming healthy and productive once again. Unfortunately, because he has no medical insurance, he has accrued substantial medical bills.


Molina is said to be “currently working on a farm in West Virginia raising goats and chickens for the next year or so, and is looking forward to making great music again.” In the meantime, fans can contact Molina via a PO Box address listed in the post, or make contributions to a PayPal account to help pay for his medical expenses. In lieu of new Jason Molina music, here’s a highlight from one of Magnolia Electric Co.’s best albums.

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