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Where in Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? is Joe Biden?

Here’s your answer, gumshoes: In the YouTube clip below, which has been making the Internet rounds ever since Parks And Recreation showrunner Michael Schur revealed the details of Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming summit with Leslie Knope. According to White House Correspondents Insider, the Parks And Rec appearance will be Biden’s third onscreen role in a scripted production, after Robert Altman’s sequel to Tanner ’88, Tanner On Tanner, and a 1993 cameo on the popular PBS gameshow that taught its viewers all about world geography and the sweet, sweet vocal harmonies of Rockapella. His words of support (mixed with pointed satire about legislative-branch compromises that certainly scored big with the kids at home) are sadly devoid of any reminiscing about the summer of 1987, however. [BuzzFeed]

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