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When will Lucasfilm just let Topher Grace make his own Star Wars movie?

Topher Grace has made it very clear over the years that he’s a big Star Wars fan, having edited all of the prequel movies together into one 85-minute feature that is supposedly pretty good, and now he has returned with another big testament to his Star Wars nerd cred. As reported by Collider, Grace and Jeff Yorkes have put together a five-minute trailer for the entire Star Wars series—including the prequels, the originals, the sequels, and Rogue One and Solo—that kind of plays like a teaser for some kind of epic historical miniseries.

The clever hook is that it’s not just a chronological highlight reel but a showcase for the way these stories loop back on each other, pairing scenes of old Obi-Wan with young Obi-Wan or a voiceover from Saw Gerrera paired with footage of Last Jedi-era Resistance fighters. It’s a little on-the-nose in some spots, but it’s not like Star Wars itself has never been a little on-the-nose. Iffy moments aside, one thing is very clear: Star Wars is fucking great. Now, how many more of these things does he have to put together before Lucasfilm just gives him a damn Star Wars movie? Hell, let him do the voice of a Stormtrooper in the next movie. He clearly deserves that more than Price Harry did.

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