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When Pikachu dances to Beyoncé, everyone wins

What is a group of Pikachu called? A herd? A gaggle? A peck of Pikachu? Whatever the nomenclature, Christian Davis spotted footage of a large gathering of the Pokémon creatures dancing and realized their moves were perfect for a “Formation” remix. It’s surprising how well the gyrations of the giant game mascots sync up with the song. But the mashup of the two properties leads one to wonder many questions:

Does Pikachu even eat at Red Lobster? Can anyone take the country out of the Pokémon all star? Does Pikachu also carry hot sauce in its bag? Is it allowed to even own a bag inside of that tiny pokéball?

But while those quandaries may go unanswered, enjoy the video and hypnotic movements of these giant foam creatures who slay (both on the Pokémon battlefield and, presumably, in bed as well). It’s a simple combination, but the video is also incredibly fun to witness and hard not to smile at the juxtaposition. Yaaaassss, queen.


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