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Wheelchair athlete sneaks a ton of Wu-Tang lyrics into on-air interview

Dylan Alcott is a celebrated wheelchair tennis player who just pulled home his fourth-straight Australian Open title. Recently he was invited onto the Australian public access program Q&A to be part of a panel on disabilities, and he did what any right-minded individual would do in that situation and shoehorned in as many references to the Wu-Tang Clan as he possibly could. Marvel as he describes growing up with a disability as “rough and tough like leather,” or laments the “short arms and deep pockets” of those in power. If there was any doubt, he throws up the W at the end.


Alcott also serves as a host on the radio station Triple J, and he spoke a little more about the moment there. “It was a serious [issue] that I’m really passionate about,” he said on-air. “But I thought, ‘You know what? I want to take the Triple J listeners along for the ride with me and try to slip in some references.’” Alcott’s accomplishment one-ups those of Atlanta broadcasters Fred Blankenship and Mark Arum, who have worked timely references to Rakim, Phife, and Notorious B.I.G. into their on-air banter. You’ve gotta give Alcott the nod, though, for being able to work his rap references in extemporaneously while answering questions about an issue he cares deeply about.

The only option is for someone to attempt to one-up him. The gauntlet is thrown, panelists of the world.

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