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Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy! aren’t going anywhere for a while

(Photo: Getty Images, Kris Connor)

The world is pretty scary these days, but at least we can still count on answers in the form of a question and the occasional hilarious misstep, because Variety is reporting that Pat Sajak and Vanna White from Wheel Of Fortune and Alex Trebek from Jeopardy! have all renewed their contracts through the 2019-2020 TV season. That will be season 36 for Wheel Of Fortune and 35 for Jeopardy!, so at this point it’s probably just easier for Sony Pictures Television—which produces both shows—to keep these three hosts on board indefinitely.

The Variety story points out that the shows themselves haven’t been renewed yet, as that decision will come from CBS, but it would be pretty weird if it decided not to keep Jeopardy! and Wheel Of Fortune on when the hosts have already signed their contracts. Still, Variety expects that deal to be made shortly.


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