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What's worse, the title of the new Ministry album or its cover art?

The once-mighty industrial-rock juggernaut Ministry (or at least its sole original member, Al Jourgensen) has been threatening for years to stop making music: In interviews for the last few albums, Jourgensen has sworn each would be the last. And yet he's soldiered on through near-death experiences (massive bleeding ulcers and dysentery!) to continue making music. But From Beer To Eternity, due out September 6, is the last, he again swears. Considering Jourgensen's primary collaborator, Mike Scaccia, died after collapsing on stage late last year, this time might really be it. But on to the important news: The cover for From Beer To Eternity (no, we didn't make that title up) features Jourgensen's head on somebody else's ripped body, and he's got a bunch of naked women in a big net. Apparently Smell The Glove was taken?


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