Despite scrapping his midseason sitcom Next Caller Please four episodes into production, as well as the general outcry that greeted news of Next Caller Please in the first place, NBC has signed another deal with Dane Cook to declare it thinks Dane Cook is still really funny, you guys, fucking deal with it. Deadline reports that, even though the network ultimately decided it disliked the direction in which Next Caller Please was heading, it never stopped liking Dane Cook, even if everyone started telling NBC that liking Dane Cook wasn't cool and he isn't funny anymore—or whatever, probably because they're all hipster sheep who worship Louis CK.

No: "Dane Cook is one of the most talented comedians working today. He has a broad fan base and always fresh point of view," argues NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke, who recently defined the network's newly established "fresh point of view" as old-fashioned multi-camera sitcoms about the foibles of parenthood and men behaving immaturely—two things that are also still funny. NBC is now actively working toward developing another starring vehicle for Cook, while insisting that Harmful If Swallowed is really funny, no seriously, you should listen to it. You know, if you're not a butthurt little puss.