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After emerging from its cancellation cocoon as 15 imperfect-but-overall-entertaining butterflies, Arrested Development has returned to its natural  state of hibernation, sleeping off the Forget-Me-Nows while Mitch Hurwitz, Ted Sarandos, and Brian Glazer take turns trying to coax their  creation back out of its chrysalis, whispering words like “conversations,” “interest,” and “willing.” Hurwitz may not know the magical combination of words, dollar signs, and scheduling that will bring the show back out of its diamond-dust-encrusted shell, but he has a good idea of what it will look like—in terms of puppet content, suggestive architecture, and Running Wilde alums, at least. Following up on his Just For Laughs conversation—which is different from a “conversation”—with Netflix CEO Sarandos, Hurwitz told the Empire Film Podcast that whatever Arrested Development’s newest incarnation may be, it will contain the Franklin Delano Bluth plot for which there was no room in season four. (It probably  would’ve looked too silly to have Jason Bateman invade a GOB episode to ask the puppet to sign a release.) The Bluth-family banana stand, also absent from season four, is slated to appear in whatever Arrested Development episodes, movies, or limited-edition ViewMaster reels come next, along with animate object/British funnyman Peter Serafinowicz. “We’ve got to make him a giant star where we are,” Hurwitz said of Serafinowicz, possibly while texting “I don’t see it as a movie—what about a red dwarf?” to Glazer and Sarandos. [Splitsider]


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