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Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Chris Hemsworth runs wild on you?

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Photo: Left: Chris Hemsworth (Alberto E. Rodriguez) Right: Hulk Hogan (Ron Galella (Getty Images)

Nobody’s saying Chris Hemsworth isn’t built like a Greek god, but dude might want to swallow a few more vitamins before stepping into the banana-yellow boots of Hulk Hogan. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Thor himself is confirmed to star as the iconic wrestler (née Terry Bollea) in a new biopic from The Hangover director Todd Phillips, who’s set to reunite with The Joker scribe Scott Silver for the project. Boy, do these guys love stories about charismatic lunatics or what?

As the casting makes clear, the movie won’t delve into the troubling, childhood-ruining twilight years of Bollea, but will instead serve as an “origin story of the Hulkster and Hulkamania.” Bollea is serving as an a “consultant” and executive producer on the movie, and we can already imagine him trying to wedge in the very true, very cool story of how Lars Ulrich totally asked him to join Metallica. Honestly, Bollea is one of the most unreliable narrators in history, so don’t be surprised if this thing ends up looking less like The Wrestler and more like one of Homer’s dinner party fantasies.

As tends to be the case these days, the project is heading to Netflix. Spotlight’s Michael Sugar will produce alongside Phillips collaborator Bradley Cooper and, wait for it, former WCW president (and nWo mastermind) Eric Bischoff. Does this mean we’ll get to see Hemsworth’s heel turn into the dastardly Hollywood Hogan? We can see the black and yellow beard already.


Honestly, there’s so much we’re excited to see here. Who will play WWE CEO Vince McMahon? Or the late “Mean Gene” Okerlund? Who will Dave Bautista play? Christ, which actor will be handed the ultimate gift of playing The Ultimate Warrior? You know that Wrestlemania VI main event’s going to be in there.

Anyways, the whole thing’s still in its early stages, which gives Hemsworth plenty of time to learn the guitar.

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