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What your phone needs is a supple, pinchable coat of human skin, apparently

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Today in news that will please David Cronenberg and only David Cronenberg, it is now possible to shroud your smart devices in warm, flabby flesh that just loves being pinched and tickled.

Skin-On Interfaces, a line of smart device covers currently in development, uses artificial skin technology to create new input gestures for computers and mobile devices—all you need to do is poke, stroke, and press down on that soft, supple meat. This nightmare comes from designer Mark Teyssier, his team at Telecom ParisTech, and researchers from HCI Sorbonne Université and CNRS. (Cronenberg, we imagine, is a silent partner.)


Teyssier, who believes that “human skin is the best interface for interaction,” first came up with the idea after he had a compulsion to pinch his phone, which, sure, we’ve all felt at some point, right? His project has resulted in two different products: one with a uniform skin surface and another that promises the hyper-realistic feeling and appearance of filthy, probably hairy flesh.

The skin is made from DragonSkin silicone and has copper wires embedded into its layers, which allows user pressure to change a system’s electric charge. More information can be seen at Teyssier’s website, in which he goes into full detail on how he reproduced the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis of actual human skin.

Long live the new flesh.

[via Digital Trends]


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