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It looks like the crime-procedural wave has reached the shores of New Zealand. Empire Online reports that a What We Do In The Shadows TV spin-off, which will focus on the easily-baffled cops from the original film, is now in the works. The A.V. Club first learned about the show when we interviewed Jemaine Clement about his first lead film role in People Places Things. At the time, the actor, writer, and founding member of New Zealand’s fourth most-popular folk parody duo said he had pitched a spin-off about the film’s less-than-capable paranormal investigators. Clement was advised that there was no money to make comedies in his homeland, and he moved on.


Then came word from his Shadows collaborator, Taika Waititi, that a lycanthropic sequel was in development, which meant we could all look forward to seeing Rhys Darby’s polite werewolf leader again. Now Empire’s source indicates that the clueless-cop show is in development, though it’s undergone a name change—it’s now Paranormal Event Response Unit. It’s not yet known if any of the film’s original cast will feature in the series, which will reportedly run for six 30-minute episodes on New Zealand’s TVNZ 2. But we certainly hope Karen O’Leary and Mike Minogue will return to duty.

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