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What the new Wonder Woman would look like with the old Wonder Woman credits

Screenshot: If The Wonder Woman TV Show Starred The Movie Cast

The Wonder Woman movie that opens this weekend looks to be a beyond-worthy successor to the previous iconic version of the Amazonian Princess, the 1970s TV show starring Lynda Carter. So ScreenCrush mashed up the 2017 film with the 40-year-old Wonder Woman credits:

This version appears to use the third iteration of 1970s Wonder Woman’s credits, the year that lyrics like “Make a hawk a dove / Stop a war with love” were dropped, but the anthemic female chorus of the title character was kept. Here the ’70s show’s cheesy action sequences are traded for the current version’s more impressive ones, complete with wartime battles, airplane dives, explosions, and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor hanging around in his aviator jacket. Both titles even involve a similarly impressive giant swan dive off of a cliff. We’re sure Lynda Carter would approve, as well as Hippolyte herself—but frankly, all this does is make us more anxious to see the movie this weekend.


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