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Phil Spector's still very much on the slab—a mistrial somehow lacks that special redeeming quality we all seek from the criminal-justice process—but at least one reputable citizen is willing to defend this batshit-crazy fellow's dignity: Bob Odenkirk. On the newly revived blog he shares with David Cross and Doug Benson, Odenkirk asserts that Spector "has only shot me 3 times in ten years of laughs, life, and life-ter (laughter and life)." More heartwarming memories:

Phil took me home. There were a coupla nasty hookers there, too, whose names shall remain unremembered, and the party started Spector-style when Phil brandished a gun playfully, shot at us playfully, herded us playfully into a listening room, and playfully wouldn't let us leave until we heard his Christmas album 10 times in a row.


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