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What manner of sorcery has reunited the cast of the 1989 classic Teen Witch?

Teen Witch might have started life as a blatant Teen Wolf rip-off that barely got a theatrical release back in 1989, but over the course of the ensuing quarter century, it became a beloved cult classic and a staple at sleepovers and birthday parties. The film was rescued from oblivion through television airings and various home-video releases. Today, the now-grown stars of the low-budget supernatural movie, including lead actress Robyn Lively, look back on the project with a great deal of fondness. When Teen Witch cast members meet up these days, it’s a joyous occasion. No embarrassment or regret here. On Monday, Lively delighted her fans by tweeting a photo that reunited her with Teen Witch veterans Mandy Ingber (Polly), Joshua Miller (Richie), Dan Gauthier (Brad), and Lisa Fuller (Randa). If the photo weren’t adorable enough, consider that Gauthier and Fuller are now married. (They met while making the film and married the year after it came out.)


And that is not the end of the Teen Witch nostalgia. Lively was on hand recently to celebrate the launch of Ingber’s new book, Yogalosophy. A photo of the two made its way to Lively’s Instagram account. Here, once again, were Louise and Polly, together again just as they were in the waning days of the ’80s.

Meanwhile, those wondering why they should care about any of this are invited to drink in the following musical number from the film. Quoth the lyrics: “You can try until you blow but you’ll never top that.” Indeed, truer words were rarely spoken. Or rapped.

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