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What if the juiciest roles in movie history had been played by a bored cat?

Generally, when cats are the focal point of a motion picture, it’s an occasion for light, harmless family fare, like The Aristocats or one of those CGI Garfield monstrosities. It’s even been years since the last big cat-based horror film. Rarely are talented felines given the opportunity to flex their dramatic muscles and play a variety of roles, sympathetic and unsympathetic alike. Luckily, a Norwegian comedy duo called PistolShrimps, consisting of Stian Hafstad and Christer Larsen, have taken steps to correct this with a video called “Cats In Famous Movie Scenes.” Okay, that title isn’t terribly creative, but it does prepare the audience for what they’re about to see. These are iconic scenes from movies, both classic and recent, with a bored-looking house cat playing a major role each time, thanks to the magic of digital editing.

Here, at last, is a cat Darth Vader, a cat Beatrix Kiddo, and a cat Jordan Belfort, all looking supremely unimpressed and disengaged from their surroundings while being dressed up in silly costumes and forced to reenact movie scenes. The titles of the films have been slightly altered as well. The Wolf Of Wall Street becomes, for instance, The Cat Of Wall Street, while Requiem For A Dream is now Requiem For A Cat, with catnip as the drug of choice instead of heroin. At one point, in a parody of The Lion King, a smaller cat gets the rare chance to portray a larger cat. It’s basically Cat-ception.


[via Laughing Squid]

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