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What if Stranger Things got much, much darker next season?

Photo: Netflix

As is the case for all sequels, ever, the second season of Stranger Things has been promised as “darker and scarier” by the show’s creators. The newest trailer, based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” certainly shows raised stakes and a wider scope. But, here’s a concept: What if it got dark as hell?


John Nitsche’s mashup trailer “Slasher Things” transposes the wholesome sci-fi pastiche of the Netflix series to instead riff on a very different sort of horror. Hellraiser’s Cenobites, Saw’s Jigsaw, Halloween’s Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and many more pop up to terrify the courageous kids of Hawkins, Indiana, implying a very different sort of TV show, in which adventures don’t end in spooks and creepy insinuations but rather torture, suicide, and whatever exactly Chucky was after.

Actually, that show would be pretty rad. We’ll see how much darker the Duffer brothers are willing to make their show when it returns on October 27.

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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