It’s interesting to note how much of a show’s charm is evoked not just by its script and characterizations, but also by the look and feel of its aesthetic. Adventure Time has played around with its appearance before, most notably in season five’s “A Glitch Is A Glitch” which used computer graphics to render the characters in a new light. But what happens when you take the same audio and script but present it in a new artistic medium? Does the scene lose some of its appeal or become slightly less playful because of it?

YouTube user Mike Inel, who previously re-did a scene from Gravity Falls in the style of anime, remade a scene from Adventure Time episode “Go With Me” but this time using 3-D animated anime-influenced art. The result is a well-made animation that goes a long way in copying the exact shots of the episode. However there is something off in this new format that detracts from part of Adventure Time’s charm as a 2-D animated series. Check it out below to see how the change affects the viewing experience:

For those interested, there’s a comparison video that shows how close Inel stayed to the original source material, while also shedding light on Inel’s process for creating the 3-D rendering: