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Screenshot: Severe Sex

Language is a fluid thing. Words evolve. They take on new meanings and connotations that, on some occasions, serve to obscure their original definitions. “Cuck” is one such word. Historically, to be a cuckold is to be the husband of an adulterous wife and, by extension, to be emasculated and humiliated. In the buildup to the 2016 election, however, the phrase was adopted by the Trump-loving white supremacists of the alt-right, who exploited the phrase’s emasculative qualities to denigrate “beta males” with insults like “cucktard” and “cuckservative.”

Doing so, they’ve alienated those who take the term literally. Cuckolding, wherein a husband watches his wife have sex with another person, is still very popular in the fetish community. That’s what led Motherboard to reach out to porn star Jimmy Broadway, who’s performed in more than 400 porn films as the humiliated husband. As such, he’s not very pleased with the alt-right’s simplification of the term.


“Yes, in certain scenarios the husband is very weak,” he says. “In others, he’s in the power position and he’s just doing it as an additional way to pleasure his wife. It’s kind of taking the simplest, most stereotyped version of the fetish and applying that definition of it to the political scenario.” One such fetish that emboldens cucks is “hot-wifing,” in which the husband organizes the whole affair for his wife’s enjoyment. Looks like they don’t have to be dupes, after all. Take that, Pepe!

The interview is just as interesting to hear how Broadway got involved with such a particular niche of adult industry. He also elucidates the different types of cuckold porn, his favorite porn stars to work with, and why he could never film a cuckold scene with his wife (spoiler: it would be “too personal”). Read it yourself, then share it with your favorite alt-righter. We’re sure they’ll keep an open mind about it.


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