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Millennials get a bad rap, usually from Generation X. Sure, their movie taste might be lacking, but it’s absurd when an entire generation gets blamed for the problems with everything from movies to motorcycles to napkins (hop over to Mashable for 66 other things they’ve ruined).

As a means of broadening Mashable’s list that much more, a new game on Twitter has users typing the words “millennials are killing,” then letting the predictive text fill in the rest. While our attempt via search bar told us that “millennials are killing golf” (a sentiment that actually exists, naturally), other people—presumably using predictive text in other applications—have been seeing decidedly wilder results.


The increasingly absurd nature of these responses dovetails with the silliness backing the arguments for why millennials are as destructive as they are. Changes in culture aren’t solely the fault of a generation, but rather a consequence of evolutions in politics, technology, art, social norms, and whatever else. That’s less fun than blaming things on teenagers who don’t have driver’s licenses, though.


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