Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road has been the lasting film of the summer, leading to wave after wave of memes, mashups, and other tributes. It’s been wildly celebrated by critics and audiences alike who have found much to enjoy about the film’s simple storyline. And it appears that much of that storyline hasn’t changed, according to this first draft of Fury Road that directed George Miller created on electro-board in 1999. But there are some moments that play better in concept than in execution and were mostly removed for pacing reasons or because they simply don’t add much to the film.

In anticipation of the film’s arrival on home video, Warner Bros. recently released three deleted scenes from Fury Road all in one handy video. The first finds Max and Imperator Furiosa preparing to turn around and go back to Immortan Joe’s base, a quiet moment before a storm of violence and destruction. The second provides a glimpse into the world of the castaways, with a new mother offering up her baby to be a WarBoy and, failing that, herself as someone to provide milk to the army. Lastly, the most revealing scene details what became of the old woman who helped the brides escape and features Immortan’s son revving up the crowd to pursue Imperator. All in all these aren’t revelatory scenes that dramatically change the underlying story or metaphors of Mad Max: Fury Road, but instead just moments that provide extra time with characters audiences have grown to love and a better understanding of the horrible, harsh world in which they live. So in other words, these deleted scenes are slightly above “MEDIOCRE!”

[Fair warning: There is an uncovered breast in one of the scenes, and a naked baby is also used. So the video may be considered NSFW assuming you don’t work in a doomed hellscape dystopia.]