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WGN America sends Outsiders back to the hills

(Photo: WGN America)

WGN America has posted a permanent eviction notice for Outsiders, its David Morse-starring series about a rebellious mountain clan living in the Kentucky wilderness. The series garnered mildly positive reviews after its debut last year, earning the not-quite-stirring endorsement “better than its marketing” from our own Dennis Perkins.

The show ultimately lasted for two seasons, before succumbing to the same outside pressures and progresses that were constantly menacing Morse and his feral Farrell folk. WGN America president Peter Kern thanked the show’s cast and crew in a statement, but said the network “will be reallocating our resources to a more diverse programming strategy and to new structures, enabling us to expand both the quantity and breadth of content aired by WGN America. To free up the resources to reach this goal, we will unfortunately not be renewing Outsiders.”


[via Variety]

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