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WGN America’s deal with Devil goes through; Salem renewed for second season

Proving that witches are still so very hot right now (without even being burned at the stake), WGN America has renewed Salem, its first original scripted series, for a second season in 2015. Only three episodes have aired so far, but in that short time, Salem has provided the television world with magical mystery toads, inconsistent and nonexistent accents, pig men, Lucius Malfoy cosplay, and dream four-ways (that’s four-ways in dreams, not the four-ways of your dreams). Plus, all of the historical inaccuracies. Most importantly, Salem‘s renewal allows its competition with Reign for “most anachronistic—yet absolutely fabulous—wardrobe in a supernatural period piece” to continue.

“I could not be more thrilled or more proud of our cast, writers and crew who made this show come alive,” said showrunner Brannon Braga in the press release announcing the renewal. Braga was clearly dancing around the fact that Faustian intervention had a hand in the show’s ability to “come alive.”


Salem‘s renewal also allows there to be many more terrible jokes about witches and deals with the Devil. Go ahead and make some of your own.

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