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We've reached the "let's reboot In Treatment" phase of the pandemic

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In a lot of ways, Gabriel Byrne’s HBO therapy series In Treatment was already the perfect quarantine show—more than a decade before that concept was even really a thing. Built almost entirely out of conversations held between two people sitting a socially distant amount of space apart, the show was pretty light on potential infection vectors—at least, until scientists prove that Byrne’s Acting Glowers are capable of transmitting COVID-19. Hence, possibly, why Deadline is reporting that HBO is now considering a reboot of the Rodrigo Garcia-developed series, itself based off the Israeli series BeTipul.


Details about the revival project are light at the moment—beyond “Hey, we’re thinking about doing this”—but In Treatment’s premise has always seemed perfectly evergreen: Conflicted therapist treats patients, then seeks treatment himself. Besides Byrne, the series previously starred Dianne Wiest, plus recurring patient roles from the likes of Blair Underwood, Mia Wasikowska, Josh Charles, Alison Pill, John Mahoney, and several others. The show ran for three seasons on HBO, and it’s not hard to imagine it shifting to a Zoom set-up pretty much seamlessly. Which, hey, now that we think about it: This would be a great time to bring Web Therapy back, too. Get on that, Showtime.

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