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We've got gangster Jeff Goldblum and a crowdfunding campaign gone murderously wrong in tonight's trailer happy hour

Screenshot: Hotel Artemis

Welcome back, teaser-loving friends, to a late-night installment of Trailer Happy Hour, the friendly corner spot where we serve up the day’s hot-buttered promos for your viewing pleasure. Tonight, we’ve got Jeff Goldblum, sinister gangster; Bad Grandpa, Christopher Plummer edition; and Penn Jillette as a murderous crowdfunder, so let’s get into it.

First up: Drew Pearce’s Hotel Artemis, which sees the Iron Man 3 writer assembling a murderer’s row of talent—Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, Dave Bautista, the aforementioned Goldblum, and more—for a crime thriller about a secret hospital for bad guys and gals. (You know you’ve got a packed roster when Jenny Slate doesn’t even get a name-check in the trailer credits.) It’s all overseen by Jodie Foster, giving a rare-in-2018 lead performance as the mysterious doctor whose strictly-curated rules start to collapse on one especially violent night.


Next, we’ve got Boundaries, which sees Plummer play an aging weed distributor attempting to reconnect with his frazzled daughter (Vera Farmiga.) This one (out June 22) also has a pretty dynamite cast, with Kristen Schaal, Christopher Lloyd, Bobby Cannavale, and Peter Fonda all showing up for the road trip at various points.


Last, and maybe least, but definitely weirdest, we’ve got a trailer for Penn Jillette’s new movie, Director’s Cut. Starring Jillette as a Tommy Wiseau-esque would-be filmmaker, and Missi Pyle as a version of herself, the star of the crowd-funded movie he’s obsessing over, the trailer walks a very weird tonal line between outright nastiness and meta-commentary fun. Wherever it ends up falling, Director’s Cut is slated for a release some time later this year.


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