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We've got an exclusive look at stunning new sci-fi art from Mondo and Laurent Durieux

Image: Mondo (Laurent Durieux)

In an era where not even the biggest blockbusters are safe from the perils of shitty Photoshop, it’s nice to know that Mondo is around. Founded in 2004, the Austin-based company keeps the lost art of hand-painted movie posters alive—albeit in a more boutique form—with original, limited-edition prints featuring for films both classics and contemporary. In the process, Mondo has made stars of artists like Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux, whose Jaws print is one of the most popular in the company’s history (and comes approved by Spielberg himself).

Now, Mondo is mounting Durieux’s new gallery show, which opens tonight at the Mondo Gallery in Austin. Of Durieux, whose new show includes a brand-new illustration in honor of his film Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola says: “[He] takes poster art to a high level. The images, which are stunningly executed, express ideas and themes of the movies he has chosen in new terms. They communicate much without words, and stand alongside the wonderful tradition of illustrative art.”


In honor of the show, The Art of Laurent Durieux Part Two,” we’re exclusively debuting two new works by the artist paying tribute to Ex Machina and Conan The Barbarian below. You’ll also see a selection of illustrations from Durieux’s gallery show, whose opening reception—which is free to the public, by the way—will take place tonight from 7:00 until 10:00 CT. It will run through next Saturday, November 17. You can find an address and hours on the Mondo Gallery website.

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