After years of discussions about making a Wet Hot American Summer follow-up, it seems the cast and crew are finally making it their beeswax to get there—this time on Netflix, where cult comedies with a long history of revival talk eventually wind up. Variety passes along the unconfirmed report that the streaming service is exploring doing a Wet Hot prequel as a 10-episode series, bringing back the film’s cast to play characters that are even more laughably too young to be portrayed by a bunch of 40-year-olds, even if they wear shorts.

As with Netflix’s revival of Arrested Development, the plan is to split it up so that not every character appears in every episode—a strategy that could finally make this thing a reality, seeing as so many of its actors (like Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Poehler) are plenty busy these days. David Wain and Michael Showalter are reportedly already on board to executive produce, though so far there’s nothing else official about it. Still, time to put a Wet Hot American Summer prequel back on the shelf with all the other anticipated resurrections, right next to your bottle of dick cream.