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Photo: John P. Johnson (HBO)

It looks like Westworld hasn’t quite become the cultural phenomenon that HBO’s Game Of Thrones is, as Digital Spy is reporting that the ratings for the show’s recent season finale are down by 30 percent from the last season finale. The Wrap notes that the ratings for the finale are also down by 24 percent from the season premiere earlier this year, but without sitting down and interviewing every HBO subscriber who checked out on the adventures of Dolores and her wacky murder machines, it’s impossible to say why there was such a dip. This season dragged a bit more than the first one, and it did start to dip into some more complicated themes than the original “cowboy robot theme park” premise, but maybe everyone just wanted to see the payoff to that Shogun World tease in the last finale and stopped watching after that episode.

Hopefully everyone who stopped watching at least looked up that post-credits stinger, because that’s the sort of wild shit the show was hinting toward all season.


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