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Westworld resumes production, adds True Detective’s Lili Simmons


In the history of behind-the-scenes troubles at HBO, what’s going on with its adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Westworld doesn’t really compare to those of the thoroughly unlucky Luck. But it was still a major setback for the show when production went on an abrupt hiatus back in January so executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy could finish off the last batch of scripts for the show’s first season. That little break apparently went well, because Deadline is reporting that production on Westworld has now resumed, bringing us a little closer to finally getting to see some of the show’s extras do some weird stuff with their genitals.

In other Westworld news, Lili Simmons (True Detective, Banshee) has joined the cast. She’ll be playing Abigail, a person/robot who works in the robot cowboy theme park and “uses her good looks and charm to lure Westworld guests into the saloon.” We’re not sure why someone would need to be lured into a saloon, since that’s pretty much the first place we’d go if we were in the Old West. But maybe these Westworld visitors are a little wary of accidentally seeing some extra’s genitals.


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