Westworld just wrapped up its thrilling first season, but there’s some bad news for anyone excited to get back into the park for more cowboy adventures, cameos from Grand Theft Auto V’s Steven Ogg, and unprecedented levels of nudity: It’s going to be a long time before the show’s second season hits HBO. Speaking with Variety, Westworld creators Jon Nolan and Lisa Joy said that new episodes won’t premiere until 2018, explaining that the “complexity of trying to write and produce the show at the same time” combined with the fact that both of them also work in the movie industry means that they won’t have the time to get it done any sooner than that.

Elsewhere in the chat, Nolan refuses to admit that the “SW” logo seen in the finale stands for “Samurai World” (even though it obviously does), and he compares the hosts’ nonlinear memories to Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Sadly, he and Joy do not give any tips for passing the time until Westworld comes back—which might not even happen until after Game Of Thrones has finished, which is just crazy.