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Westworld creators swear they have an ending in mind

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Westworld got stuck dragging its boots a bit in season two, an unfortunate side-effect of the twisting timelines and various different factions that are all trying to get to the same place, but things did start to move at a decent clip once it got to the finale—to the extent that the post-credits stinger apparently took place many, many years in the future. Still, if all of that moseying on the way to the Valley Beyond felt a little random and arbitrary, Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy recently told Stuff (via /Film) that she and her fellow co-creator Jonathan Nolan definitely “have an ending in mind.”


She says they’ve known what the ending will be since the pilot, and while she won’t say what it will involve or when it will happen, she says that what they’re planning is “very emotional.” Joy also notes that it will address the “overarching question” of Westworld, which is “what will become of this new lifeform?”—referring, we assume, to Dolores. Hopefully that means Westworld won’t end like Lost with young William meeting his old friends Dolores, Logan, Teddy, and Charlotte at some weird church.

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