Who's a good boy? (Photo: Andrew Burton / Getty Images)

As Bill Murray famously warned us in the 1984 incarnation of Ghostbusters, dogs and cats living together leads to nothing but mass hysteria. But what about dogs and cats competing together? The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is about to find out, as The New York Times reports that, for the first time ever, this year’s incarnation of the 140-year-old dog show will include an official program for cats. Cats have appeared in special “meet the breeds” sidebars in the past, but this will be the first time purebred cats will compete amongst each other to find out who is the most perfect Persian Blue or whatever. It seems doubtful that cats would be willing to sit through the hours of bathing and grooming endured by their canine counterparts prior to competing in the show, but they will, presumably, also need to have their adorable little noses booped as part of the inspection process.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City this coming February 11,13, and 14, and will be broadcast partially on Fox Sports and partially on Nat Geo Wild.