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Wesley Snipes to co-star in Endgame, NBC’s next big action pilot

After spending the last four years hunting vampires (that’s where he’s been, right?), Wesley Snipes is ready to hang up his swords and cool haircut so he can get back into acting. This won’t be some Redbox-friendly horror/western or another stupid Expendables movie, though. Instead, Snipes is making the brave transition from film actor to TV actor by co-starring in NBC’s Endgame.

According to Deadline, Snipes will be playing “the unflappable, analytical, and mysterious Johnson,” a character who is described as “Pit Boss for The Game who keeps an eye on the big picture but is also capable of cleaning up a mess when things spiral too far out of control.” And no, we don’t really know what any of that means either. The pilot concerns a retired sniper—played by Strike Back‘s Philip Winchester—who gets blackmailed into taking part in “a series of heroic challenges in order to save innocent lives” after he’s framed for his wife’s murder. That’s the way it was described the last time we wrote about it, at least, which still doesn’t tell us much about Snipes’ mysterious Johnson. Is he a villain who pulls strings in order to test the main guy’s abilities to save people? Or is he a good guy who pulls strings in order to test the main guy’s abilities to save people? Either way, it’s Wesley Snipes co-starring in an NBC pilot. That’s probably worth a watch, if only for how likely it is that vampires will show up.


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