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Wes Craven’s track record when it comes to movies is a bit spotty. Even though the man gave us some of the most iconic horror villains of all time, he also gave us Vampire In Brooklyn. His track record in television fluctuates much less, primarily because there’s almost no record of which to speak. He produced the 1992 anthology series Nightmare Cafe, as well as the 1989 show The People Next Door. (Though weirdly not the 1988 series Freddy’s Nightmares, for which he only wrote.) But now Craven is developing a new series: The Hollywood Reporter announces that he is partnering with Steve Niles, co-creator of 30 Days Of Night, to adapt Niles’ upcoming comic The Disciples.


The comic is a science fiction horror story set in space. Niles has been involved in TV adaptations of his work before, including the 30 Days Of Night sequel/spinoff 30 Days Of Night: Dust To Dust, and Chiller’s adaptation of his graphic novel Remains, which was less than impressive. He will be producing along with his Black Mask publishers Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz (yes, the Bad Religion guitarist). And while Craven is currently only scheduled to executive produce at present, perhaps he can be talked into writing or directing at some point, perhaps as a way to hedge his bets against the “organic-looking” Scream TV series in production at MTV. After all, it’s a well known fact that in space TV shows, no one can hear your Scream TV show.

There is currently no channel involved with the project. The Disciples will hit comic stands in May.

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