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Wes Craven launches a new comic series, is working on a TV adaptation

Despite what you might think, veteran horror film director Wes Craven doesn’t spend all of his time brooding and thinking of new ways to stick knives on clothing“Knife hat? Knife tie? Think, Wesley, think!” He also apparently likes to think of jokes, and then turn those jokes into new multimedia horror franchises. “About a year ago, I had the beginning of an unwritten joke come into my head: A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Zombie walk into a bar. Just that. What was the punchline? Who caresI just liked the sound of it,” Craven told Entertainment Weekly, with the carefree insouciance that leads to things like Jesse Eisenberg, Werewolf, or vampires running amok in Brooklyn.

And while you might post half of a not-all-that-creative joke on Twitter, shrug, and call it a day, Wes Craven, Master Of Horror, has turned that quasi-musing into both a comic book series and a potential TV show. Titled Coming Of Rage and developed with 30 Days Of Night author Steve Niles, the comic tells the story of a young man finding his way in the world with two friends“his way in the world,” here, of course, referring to becoming an immensely powerful vampire lord, the sort of post-college career so many Millennials find themselves settling for these days.


Craven is also working with Cheyenne Entertprises, producers of 2007’s Live Free Or Die Hard, to turn the property into a TV series. If the show made it to the air, it would be Craven’s second second in recent years, with MTV’s adaptation of Scream already set for an October 2015 release.

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