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Wes Craven is developing two shows, including a TV version of People Under The Stairs, for Syfy

Ving Rhames in The People Under The Stairs

MTV is busy readying a TV version of his 1996 hit Scream for TV, and A Nightmare On Elm Street had its day in the small-screen sun back in the ’80s, forcing Wes Craven to dig a little deeper into his back catalog for show ideas. As we reported last fall, Craven is eager to get in on this TV horror trend, and recently signed a deal with NBC/Universal Cable to produce scripted programming for the media giant’s various networks.

That partnership has already resulted in two new Syfy series: First, Deadline reports that Craven has signed on to executive produce a TV version of his 1991 film The People Under The Stairs, with TV writer Michael Reisz (Boston Legal, Unforgettable) attached to write the script. The TV version of the story is being described as “a contemporary Downton Abbey meets The Amityville Horror,” which seems to be taking the whole upstairs/downstairs thing a little literally, but does imply the class conflict explored in the original. So we’ll see how that goes. (At the very least, it’s a better idea than a TV version of The Last House On The Left.)


Then there’s We Are All Completely Fine, based on a novel by Daryl Gregory about a psychologist who gathers five people who have survived horror-movie attacks to form a support group. During their therapy, the group revives the monsters from their respective pasts, only this time it’s actual monsters instead of dads who never said “I love you.” Craven seems a little more involved in this particular project; according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s planning to write the show and direct the pilot episode.

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