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Wes Anderson's next movie is not only European, it's set 85 years ago

Although Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel (or Grand Hotel Budapest) generally remains shrouded in secrecy and the sinister hiss of Angela Lansbury's lies, the director did spill a couple of useful pieces of information to the L.A. Times about his next star-stuffed diorama—beginning with the fact it "mostly takes place about 85 years ago." What's more, Anderson says it's inspired by "Hollywood Europe," i.e. the sort of "Europe on the Hollywood back lot" feel reminiscent of Ernst Lubitsch classics like To Be Or Not To Be, even though Anderson also reminds that he's actually taking Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzmann, Owen Wilson, Ralph Fiennes, and Jude Law with him to Europe, so that's nice for them. Of course, setting the film in 1920s Europe will make it difficult to work in any '60s pop songs without it being anachronistic—but it is interesting to note that, exactly 85 years ago, the Futura font was invented. Coincidence?!


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