Fantastic Mr. Fox

As reported by Indiewire, the next film from Wes Anderson will be about dogs. Not the boring dogs that people keep as pets, though. These will be stop-motion animated dogs, much like the woodland creatures from Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know about the project, but Anderson’s style is well documented at this point, so we can probably make some informed assumptions about what this stop-motion dog movie will be like.

For starters, the Futura font will probably pop up all over the place (although dogs don’t usually use signs, so maybe it’ll pop up less often than usual). Also, Bill Murray will almost certainly be there to provide the voice of a dog, as will Luke and Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston, and a handful of other big-name famous people who’d like to remind everyone of how hip they are. The film will also have a very particular color palette and soundtrack, and a ton of detail will be put into background objects that the audience sees for maybe one second. Finally, most people will really like it, but the internet will judge it very harshly against whichever Wes Anderson movie it has decided is the best that week.