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Wes Anderson picks out his next all-star ensemble

Wes Anderson is ready to return to the land of the flesh with Moon Rise Kingdom, an ensemble comedy that Deadline reports is quickly filling up with a cast that includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, and, of course, Bill Murray. The film (due to start production in the spring) takes place in a New England town where two young lovers have run away together, setting various town leaders—who are convinced that they’ve just disappeared—on an all-points search. Norton would play a scout leader who sends his troop out on the hunt. Willis would play the town sheriff who’s romancing the mother of the missing girl, played by McDormand. Naturally, Murray will play her husband, because Wes Anderson enjoys seeing Bill Murray cuckolded, as do we all. It’s not yet clear whom Tilda Swinton would play. Possibly the moon. The lady is pale, am I right? Anyway, Moon Rise Kingdom is set in the ’60s, so you can probably already hear the soundtrack in your head.


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