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Wes Anderson is making a musical about post-war France, which he somehow hasn't done yet

Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Wes Anderson has made a movie about a wacky/sad family, a fantastic fox, and some dogs that may have been guilty of cultural appropriation, but he inexplicably has gone his entire filmmaking career without making a musical set in post-World War II France. Musicals are all artsy and artificial, the setting has the inherent drama of war and the inherent romance of the City Of Light, so all you need to make this a perfect Wes Anderson project is Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and some of that hot Futura text.

News of Anderson’s new project comes from French site Charente Libre (via The Playlist), which says, according to the translate feature on Google Chrome, “the American would like to come and shoot a musical.” Anderson has supposedly been tooling around the Angoulême area in southwestern France to scout for locations and—again, according to Chrome—”research for sets.” This project hasn’t been formally announced, and Anderson reportedly won’t start filming until the end of the year, so this post-war musical might be a ways off.


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